Window Cleaning Equipment

We stock a variety of Window Cleaning Equipment and accessories from T-Bars, Washers, Squeegees & Swivel Squeegees, Buckets, Blades, Extension Poles, Indoor & Outdoor Cobweb Brooms to Microfibre Washer Sleeves and cloths. Talk to Brisklen about our range of window cleaning products

Briskleen is WA's preferred Window Cleaning Equipment Supplies company providing High quality products with a wide range to suit any window cleaning project.

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We are the approved authorised dealers of Unger and Moerman window cleaning products in Malaga, Perth

Our range of Window Cleaning Products include;

We carry a Full Range of Window Cleaning Chemicals

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Hygiene Specialists in WA since 1983

Squeegees & Washers | window cleaning products

Squeegees & Washers

Moerman and Unger window squeegees are available in sizes from 14 inch to 20 inch, in Stainless steel, Aluminium, Brass and Plastic.

Window washers are available in either 14 inch or 18 inch sizes, in microfibre or the standard polyester. Some washer sleeves have a built in scourer scrubber pad which is great for stubborn dirt.

Squeegees & Washers Range

Cloths, Rags And Scrim

Cloths, Rags & Scrim

At Briskleen we have an extensive range of cloths, rags and scrim cloths, to cover all cleaning needs from household windows to car cleaning.

All-purpose colour coded cloths are fantastic for commercial cleaning; they assist with lessening cross contamination and reducing the spread of germs.

We stock disposable and semi disposable rags through to coloured t-shirt recycled bag of rags, even rags on a roll can be purchased.

Scrim cloths are used for window cleaning they are a heavy duty cloth that is super absorbent, perfect for tidying up edges of windows that have been squeegeed, this material does not leave any lint fibres on the glass.

Cloths, Rags & Scrim Range

Extension Poles |window cleaning products

Extension Poles

We stock Unger, Moerman and a Generic range of Extension poles, ranging in size from 1.8 metres to 9 metres. Catering for home use through to professional window cleaning, replaceable and interchangeable adapters are available so you can fit your extension pole onto almost any attachment.

Extension Poles Range

Holsters & Belts | window cleaning products

Holters & Belts

Window cleaning has been made easier with the innovation of the strong, durable and impact resistant bucket on a belt holster style, Saves time going up and down a ladder when window cleaning at heights, Holds 1 squeegee, washer and scraper, 500mls of water and a window cleaning solution, quick release buckle for easy removal from belt.

Holters & Belt Range

Scrapers & Blades

Scrapers & Blades

It is recommended that you use a window scraper to remove caked-on dirt and debris from your windows. Window scrapers are specially made for use on glass, and it comes with certain features that can prevent scratching and other kinds of damage.

Scrapers & Blade Range

WIndow Buckets | window cleaning products

Window Buckets

Assorted colours and length window buckets some have wheels and clips for holding tools, light weight and sturdy handles built with strong durable plastic body to suit all your window cleaning needs.

Window Bucket Range

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