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What is TGA approval and why it matters?

TGA Approved ChemicalsThe TGA (Therapeutic Goods Association) is a part of The Australian Government Department of Health, and carries out thorough scientific and clinical vetting of therapeutic goods (chemicals, medicines, vaccines, vitamins and minerals etc) to ensure their safety and effectiveness. This includes the study of toxicity, side effects, and observing results of long term use in people – and the environment, where it is concerned. Next time your looking for chemicals, look for the TGA Approved Chemicals logo.

The TGA carries out detailed pre-market assessments of incoming therapeutic goods and rigorous, on-going post-market monitoring of the same goods, enforcing upholding of safety standards and ensuring that any specific claims they make about products are scientifically proven.

TGA approval is the seal of safety and quality against a specific claim for human use. For example, our CounerFlu Hospital Grade disinfectant has been microbiologically tested and proven to kill various viruses, germs, bacteria, moulds, and fungi, with its most notable capabilities killing corona viruses including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 virus). When you visit the Product Data Sheet (PDS), you’ll notice CounterFlu has a very specific claim against a range of viruses, bacteria, and germs that must be approved by the TGA before we’re able to advertise accordingly. Click the link below to learn more about CounterFlu.

TGA Approval – Mark of trust for Specific Claims

Taking precaution against illness and disease is crucially dependent on accurate information of hygiene products, and their true capability to fight bacteria and viruses. The TGA helps stop the spread of misinformation by eliminating misrepresentation of facts (intentional or otherwise) and is intended to help keep consumers safe from wrongful claims.

All TGA approved products are provided an Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) number. This makes it easier for consumers to search the specific claims the products are registered for within TGA (Like Counferflu which claims it will kill Covid-19 has the ARTG number 332361).

The TGA can time to time remove products form the ARTG registry. Like product we sell TANGO, is still an effective hospital grade disinfectant. But as we don’t have a specific claim like CounferFlu for Covid-19, its not registered with the TGA. But it’s still an effective hospital grade disinfectant.

All hygiene products are not created equal

Many hygiene products that claim to kill 99.9% of germs may not have any effect on the specific pathogen that you are looking to stay safe against. Or it may require longer exposure to the disinfectant to be killed off completely.

So working with a trusted hygiene solutions specialist like Briskleen will ensure you understand the products you use. Whether they are TGA approved or not, depending on the surface your cleaning, you need to use the right product. If it’s to clean a general area like an office floor, you can use a typical hospital grade disinfectant like Tango, Chloradet, Kuranda etc (click here for more). But say if you want to disinfect a hospital floor or a Doctors office floor, then it’s best you use a TGA approved chemical like the CounterFlu (click here for more details) that is a hospital grade disinfectant and also with proven claim of being effective in killing viruses, bacteria, germs & Covid-19.

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