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Sun Protection: An Essential Component of Skin Care and Long Term Health

The continuing depletion of the Ozone layer around Earth exposes us to harsh UV radiation without guard. With more consequences than just sunburn, exposing bare skin to the Sun takes a hefty toll on an individual’s long term health.

Specific precautions must be taken to stay safe and avoid serious illness in the long run. Here we will explore essential practices that are proficiently “sun smart”.

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Pick A Good Sunscreen

The best Sunscreen, according to medical advice, must have the following qualities and a seal of approval by an accredited regulatory body.

  • Broad spectrum protection
  • A Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 30 - preferably more.
  • Water Resistant

Broad Spectrum Protection

A functional sunscreen must provide Broad Spectrum Protection from both UVA and UVB radiation, keeping your skin safe not only from sunburn, but skin cancer and premature aging caused by the sun (Photoaging). UVA rays are responsible for photoaging, while UVB rays cause sunburn.

Furthermore, Regardless of popular perceptions about skin tone and its correlation to the degree of safety in the sun, sun protection for all shades of skin is vital. Studies in Photoimmunology have examined the effects of UV induced immunosuppression; meaning exposure to harmful UV rays can lead to a weakened immune system overall. UVB rays in particular causes the deterioration of DNA, leading to faulty immune responses.

Statistics show that Australia has one of the highest rates of Melanoma in the world, so be sure to choose a sunscreen or sunblock that is functional in extreme conditions where necessary.

Deb stokoderm sun protectDeb stokoderm sun protect

Deb Stokoderm Sun Protect sold by Briskleen is a Broad Spectrum, SPF 50+ sunscreen and is 4 Hours Water Resistant

Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 30

SPF measures the ability of a sunscreen to block UVB rays.

  • SPF 15 Blocks 93% of all UVB rays
  • SPF 30 Blocks 97% of all UVB rays
  • SPF 50 Blocks 98% of all UVB rays

While the level of blocking UVB rays reduces proportionate to the rise in SPF, a few degrees can make a great difference in safety. SPF 100 cuts off nearly 99% of all UVB rays; Greater SPF means greater sun protection.

Always choose an accredited photostable sunscreen which contains ingredients that do not deteriorate upon being exposed to the sun. Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide are both photostable compounds. Avobenzone on its own however, is photo unstable.

Did you know Stokoderm Sun Protect 50+ is a UV Skin Protection Lotion for Professional Use.

Ideal for Outdoor workers exposed to UVA & UVB sun rays.

Learn more about features & benefits of Stokoderm® Sun Protect 50+

  • High performance
    • Sun Protection Factor of 50+ provides very high protection against the sun’s UV-A and UV-B rays
  • Water resistant formula
    • Withstands immersion in water.
  • Moisturises
    • Contains a high level of moisturisers to condition the skin.
  • Pleasant to Use
    • Contains vitamin E to soothe and condition the skin.
  • Perfume-free
    • No added perfume. Ideal for people who are sensitive to perfumes and prefer products which do
      not have perfume added.
  • Neutral pH
    • Ensures compatibility with the skin and reduces the risk of any possible irritation.
  • Silicone-free
    • The product will have no adverse effect if in contact with surfaces prior to the application of paint or
      surface coatings.
  • Versatile
    • Can be used under clothing to minimise the risk of penetration of the sun’s rays through the fabric
      onto the skin.
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Water Resistant

Water resistance is an important feature that ensures that sunscreen does not lose its integrity when subject to moisture or sweat.

A sunscreen can be highly water resistant but never water proof (and cannot claim to be), and must indicate how long it is capable of staying water resistant.

For this reason, it is best to choose a sunscreen lotion instead of a stick or spray for complete coverage. Applying 2 coats on the first application and reapplying every two hours thereafter is recommended.

Skin Care and Comfort with Sunscreen

Finally, pick a sunscreen that nourishes your skin simultaneously and is comfortable to wear. It is important that sunscreen application does not cause discomfort. Choosing a sunscreen containing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to hydrate and nourish skin will be pleasant while providing ample UV protection.

Sun screen Pro Bloc

Key Features of Pro Bloc Sunscreen sold by Briskleen;

  • Broad Spectrum
  • SPF 50+ sunscreen 
  • 4 Hours Water Resistant
  • Tailored to protect in extreme conditions.

Other “Sun Smart” measures

Wear clothing made of thick fabric to block as much sun as possible. Whenever spending long periods outdoors, use a head covering that provides plenty of shade over your face. Using UV cut sunglasses whenever eyes are at risk of direct exposure to the sun, is advised. Always take extra precaution near reflective surfaces such as snow or metal, to reduce risk of indirect UV exposure.

Be open to integrating these measures into you and your family’s lifestyle, to stay safe and healthy in the long run.

Fly & Bug Spray


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It is all about discovering the right sunscreen products for you, your skin, and your routine. We take sun protection seriously. Briskleen Pro Bloc Sunscreen contains Vitamin E & Aloe Vera to moisturize & condition your skin. It is also non-greasy, suitable for all skin types & PABA free. Briskleen Pro Bloc Sunscreen is also free of potentially damaging Nanoparticles. The pump pack 1L bottle dispenser comes with an easy carrying handle that has specially curated for your day to day sun protection.

Briskleen Pro Bloc Sunscreen is a product made in Australia for extreme conditions. It also complies with AS/NZS 2604:2012 Sunscreen Products - Evaluation & Classification. Briskleen ProBloc filters up to 98% of UVB rays.

Keep in mind that while crucial, Sunscreen alone is not enough. Make sure to wear sun-safe clothing and always include sun protection shades, caps, and hats to your day to day lifestyle.

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