Deb Stoko Kids Wash Your Hands Dispenser 1 Litre

The Deb stoko proline ‘Wash Your Hands’ dispenser is designed for use in education. It has an eye-catching design that will grab children’s attention. The dispenser has the words “Wash your hands” displayed on the front with bright colors. The dispenser is a hygienic way to clean hands that is easy to maintain.

  • Designed for education with eye-catching “Wash Your Hands” design and large button
  • Unique dispensing system is hygienic, easy to maintain and prevents unauthorised entry
  • Measured dose and no wastage offers an economical solution
  • Protected with BioCote to prevent bacteria growth
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Deb Stoko Kids Wash Your Hands Dispenser 1 Litre

Deb Stoko Kids Wash Your Hands Dispenser can be mounted on a wall area for easy access. Once the dispenser is empty, it can easily be filled with a new refill cartridge. It has a wide push pump system that makes it easy to receive wash liquid without making a mess. Brightly coloured child-friendly soap dispenser with ‘Wash Your Hands’ design.

  • Designed for nurseries and primary schools
  • Encourages regular use
  • Pump controls dosage to reduce waste